Hi, Welcome to my blog about home business opportunities.

My name is Angelcho Dimitrovski. I work from home full time as an affiliate marketer.

What are the best reasons you should become affiliate marketer?

1. Become your own boss
2. Work from the comfort of your own home
3. Develop strong financial stability

Thousands of people everyday become members to some affiliate network trying to earn money from their own home. But remember just 5% of them are successful.

Why 95% of the affiliate marketers fail?

Usually the most of the affiliate marketers when start with affiliate marketing business are not prepared enough. They just register to some of the Affiliate Networks and start to write reviews for the products immediately.
This is not good practice.
Before you start to promote any products provided by your affiliate network I recommend you read some books related with affiliate marketing or to visit some website or blog like this one.

One of the best books available on Internet about Affiliate marketing is Super Affiliate Secrets Exposed!

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