Making your blog successful is not difficult task like the most of people think. You don't need to be some guru or very specialized in SEO to make your blog interesting for the wide readership.
Follow the tips I post here and I promise your blog will become interesting for the readers.

1. Create unique and quality content
Remember the content is most important for the readers. Always write your own content, not copy paste. This will make an expert in your topic and you will get loyal reader. Never write more than 500 words in your article because it will become boring for your readers.

2. Use pictures
Always use pictures when you write something. The pictures will enrich your content and will make it very interesting for the readers.

3. Answer the comments
Always answer the comments posted by the readers. If they are critics the next post make it better. Learn to listen your readers.

4. Participate in related forums
Participating in related forums is essential part for promoting your blog. Posting quality comments with your link or your keywords will promote your blog building quality backlinks to your blog what will make your blog also interesting for the search engines.

5. SEO optimization
SEO optimization is not the most important part but it is also important. I will not write in deep for SEO in this post but I will give you link where you can download free e-book called "THE SECRETS TO PROMOTING YOUR WEBSITE ONLINE".
This book will teach you:
* Selecting Your Domain Name
* Correct The Set-Up Your Website
* Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.)
* Building Your Links
* Social Bookmarking and networking
* Google Webmaster Tools
* Setting-Up Your Auto-Responder
* Plus much, much more…

6. Article marketing
Article marketing is great to collect new readers because all article writing platforms have great readership. They also give you very quality backlinks.
The best platforms:

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