APSense is the best Business Social Network that helps me a lot to improve my financial condition.

How I made money with APSense?

Step 1. I become ClickBank member. ClickBank is an affiliate network with more than 30 000 products. I choose product about "Arbitrage betting".

Step 2. I wrote Review Page on APSense about my product.

Step 3. I promoted my Review Page creating free APSense campaigns.
Note: I didn'y submit my review page on other places or promoting on other way than the campaigns because my goal was to convince myself that the APSense campaigns are really useful and really convert the traffic into sales.

Step 4. I analyzed the statics provided by APSense and the sales shown in your ClickBank Account. 

My Statistics
My review page is created on Apr 29th 2011 15:13. Viewed 1,711 times up to now. 
My ClickBank sales result are show on the picture:

I made 20 sales. 1711/20 = 85
That means every 85 visitors I made one sale.

I am promoting around 30 different products. Around 70% of my traffic comes from APSense campaigns. In the next parts I will show statistics for other products. After I finish analysis for all products promoted trough APSense I will make a video. In this video I will open my ClickBank account directly and I will show to all APSense members my sales made trough APSense.