Social bookmarking websites are websites that store bookmark links posted by it's members. The idea of social bookmarking is to post links back to your website or pages.

What are the benefits of social bookmarking?
- Get targeted traffic
All social bookmarking websites allow the posted links to be categorized with tags. All tags are representing the keywords chosen by the posters. The visitors searching for some information always are using the tags to browse the thousands of websites stored there. For this reason using some powerful tag is very important.
- Faster search engine indexing for your website
Getting one way incoming backlinks to your website is very important to get ranked well on the search engine. Using social bookmarking you can get unlimited one way incoming links and get higher page rank.
- Higher page rank
All social bookmarking website have very high page rank. Usually their page rank vary form 5 to 10 value on the search engines. This is the main reason because you will increase your page rank. You get backlink with 5, 6 or even 10 value for the search engines.
Social bookmarking have it's advantages but it has one bad characteristic. It is time consuming. Registering and posting to all of the social bookmarking websites existing on the Internet is almost impossible if you are doing it manually.
If you want to speed up your work and fulfill this task and get the benefits you should use some special software. This software should finish your work automatically.
Researching the internet I found very good software that will help you a lot with posting your links to all social bookmarking websites existed today. This software is a gold mine for your website, because it will build you one way incoming links to your website totally automatic.
This incredible software is called Social Bookmarking Demon

List of quality social bookmarking websites!