Starting your online business or promoting some affiliate program is great opportunity save your self from your angry boss and working for low monthly salary.
Almost every website that offer some products or service has own affiliate program. That is great for us to earn some money but you should consider that the most of them are scams.
Now comes the big question, how to avoid the scams and save our business?

Dr Don Yates Sr PhD is author of the greatest book Internet Users Handbook, 2nd Ed. This book is a comprehensive guide to avoiding scams while doing business online. The second edition of this book has been completely updated from their own affiliate network and ISA Support Groups.
The author of this book  Dr Don Yates Sr PhD  has more than 60 year work history and Successful Business Entrepreneur of a dozen offline businesses and over 30 years as a Business and Financial Consultant, Business Advisor and Mentor to hundreds of Entrepreneurs, CEO's and Managing Directors including all aspects from Starting or Growing their Businesses. This tell us that we can trust the author and all of us doing online business should have this book.